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International Transfers

We deal in multiple currencies- refer our daily quotes in our web pages

Transfers are dealt with same day, and for inward and outward remittance.

Foreign Currency Drafts

Drafts are also available.

A draft is an alternative to an international transfer, and potentially for a traveler who may need to negotiate funds during travel. Or, perhaps when requiring a payment to a vendor which is in a “hard” format, as opposed to a bank initiated transfer where copies are dealt electronically.

Foreign Cash

FIFL can also assist with your foreign cash requirements. There are limitations, generally this is up to $2,000 for each customer.

Exchange Rates

• All rates are subject to change without notice
• Rate for transactions over the equivalent of PGK15,000 are available on application
• Please ascertain the value date of large outward Telegraphic Transfers from the Foreign Exchgange Department
• To convert Kina to Foreign currency multiply by the rate
• To convert Foreign Currency to Kina divide by the rate

daily exchange rates
Monday, 14th October, 2019
we buy currency
all rates = 1 PNG kina
we sell
T/TOD/Airnotes CCY codenotesTT/draft
0.43230.43730.4423 Australian Dollars AUD0.38830.4183
0.30050.30550.3105 US Dollars USD0.25650.2865
0.2704 European Euro EUR0.2564
0.2371 United Kingdom Pound GBP0.2231
2.3667 Hong Kong Dollar HKD2.2267
31.1100 Japanese Yen JPY30.7100
0.4628 New Zealand Dollar NZD0.4488
0.4055 Singpare Dollar SGD0.3915
15.7800 Philippine Pesos PHP14.3800
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