Depositing with First Investment Finance Ltd deposits

Cash Management Accounts

  • A minimum amount of K5,000 is required to open a Call Account.
  • Additional deposits or partial withdrawals to the account may be done at any time.
  • Closure and full withdrawal of the money held at call is done by signed letter.
  • Accepted forms of ID are Passport and Driver’s License for individuals.
  • For companies: Certificate of Incorporation, Board Minutes and a Lodgement Letter.

Deposit Account

A fast, simple way to save money-Lodge periodic lumps, minimum so of K5,000 to build your investment portfolio. Multiple deposits by the same investor are welcomed, and in fact this is a good way to accumulate savings over time.

The Fixed Term Deposit is for a predetermined period of time, and provides you with comfort in the knowledge that your money is safe and well managed.

Should you wish to make a withdrawal –¬†full or partial, you simply forward a letter to the Manager, FIFL PO Box 326 Port Moresby and advise your name and account details along with the amount you will withdraw.

Some of the condition of the deposit include:

Deposits are subject to the 15.00% Interest Withholding Tax and would be required to provide a Tax Exemption Certificate if this is not to be paid. This needs to match the deposit details.

Identification is required For Individuals- A copy of your current Driver’s License/Passport/Work ID Companies –¬†Signatories are to be identified as above, and the appropriate signing format –¬†such as either or both directors to sign.

A Certificate of Incorporate and Board Minutes should also be provided Depositors need to provide information around the source of the funds.

Please select Application Form below:

Application Form-Individual
Application Form-Company